Identity Theft

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Identity theft poses a serious threat to people’s financial security and creates stress and worry. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers fraud resolution services to assist staff and eligible family members who have been victimized by identity thieves.

Identity theft involves the unauthorized use or attempted use of existing credit cards or bank accounts, or the misuse of someone’s personal information to obtain new accounts or loans, file fraudulent tax returns and health care claims, or commit other crimes. Identity theft can damage credit ratings, cause legal problems, and cost time and money to resolve.

Thieves often access bank account numbers, credit cards, PIN numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personal information through credit or debit card transactions, stolen mail, telephone scams, and computer hacking. In addition, millions of credit card numbers and other forms of personal information are stolen from businesses every year. Unfortunately, identity theft is expected to surpass “traditional theft” as the leading form of property crime.

Although it is impossible to eliminate all risk, staff and their families can decrease the chances of being victimized by identity thieves through:

  • Personal computer security, including updated virus, spyware, and malware protection; using strong passwords and changing them frequently.
  • Safeguarding of personal information, including shredding confidential documents, protecting against mail theft, and not carrying more credit cards or checks than you need.
  • Ignoring suspicious emails, phone calls, and the like.

Key features
EAP offers up to a 60-minute telephone consultation with a Fraud Resolution Specialist™ to assist with the impact of fraudulent activity. Staff who suspect their personal information has been stolen can obtain information on how to:

  • Place fraud alerts.
  • Freeze credit to prevent unauthorized account activity.
  • Close affected accounts.
  • File police reports.
  • Conduct other activities necessary to resolve fraud and restore credit.


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