Focus on Your Well-Being

Focus on Your Wellbeing 

We all have the potential to increase our happiness. 

Wellbeing encompasses mental, emotional, and physical health and is strongly linked to your level of happiness and life satisfaction. Many people fall for the myth that they would be happier if only their circumstances were different. But surprisingly, studies show that your state of mind has more to do with happiness and wellbeing than your life situation. Even positive events such as winning a contest or award, getting a promotion at work, or buying your dream house tend to bring only temporary feelings of joy.  

We all have the potential to increase our happiness.  

Try these tips to bolster your feelings of wellbeing and get the most out of life: 

  • Examine your priorities. What are the top five? Does your behavior align with your values? For example, if being physically fit is on your list, do you make the time to exercise? If spending quality time with loved ones is a high priority, are you following through by putting them first before other distractions?  
  • Accept your emotions. You’ll be better able to find closure and move forward from painful situations if you give yourself permission to feel your emotions, rather than deny or hide from them.  
  • Focus on your strengths. Nurturing and using your strengths, rather than dwelling on how to correct weaknesses, can energize you, and give you confidence. 
  • Set healthy boundaries. Boundaries ensure that your relationships at home and work are appropriate and respectful, and that you’re treated the way you want to be treated. 
  • Take care of your body and mind. Our mind and body are connected. Being active, getting enough sleep, and eating nutritious foods are not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental and emotional health and happiness.  

Finally, spend time with people who are caring and supportive. A key difference between people who are happy and those who aren’t is strong social connections. 


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