Gain balance through mindfulness

The rigors of our many workday hours and daily commutes, plus responsibilities at home, can often feel overwhelming. Stress from multiple directions usually makes life seem unbalanced. Being more mindful during your day—and more fully present in what you’re doing moment to moment—can help you regain a sense of balance.


Start by insisting on enjoyment in life.

While most people are quite familiar with achievement and service to others, not everyone believes they’re entitled to their own joy. Take some quiet time to decide if you’re enjoying most of your life. If not, resolve to start changing things gradually.


Remember that achieving balance is a fluid daily pursuit.

It’s easy to feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough in certain areas of your life. It may help to keep in mind that while some days may feel in control, lots of other days will be chaotic, tiring and uninspiring. At the end of the day, just let it go, get some rest, and try again tomorrow.


Value and preserve your free time.

Strive to ensure that you stick to the activities you’ve planned in your personal life as much as you do those at work. If you’ve scheduled a nature hike with the kids or a quiet dinner out with a friend or loved one, don’t let those plans get derailed.


Stick to your priorities.

Identify what you value most both at home and at work, then look for areas where you can set boundaries on your time. Don’t hesitate to say “no” sometimes. Keep your to-do lists and your goals realistic.


Focus on physical sensations where you are.

Make sure to stop and experience the physical world without worrying about other things. Pay attention to how it feels to walk across the grass. Take your time enjoying the texture and flavor of each section of an orange. Noticing simple pleasures can increase your presence and remind you of the value of being alive.


Do a firm unplug when you get home.

Whenever feasible, fully unplug from work issues when you get home. Your body and mind require a clean break from the focused efforts of the day.

Set your phone aside and be truly present with your loved ones.


Practice doing one thing at a time.

When you’re washing the dishes, just wash the dishes—without worrying about tomorrow’s meeting or yesterday’s dispute at work. When you pet the dog, focus on enjoying his or her company. Your experience of life will be better if you can concentrate on what you’re doing now rather than fretting over the past or future.


Stay strong.

If long hours and a demanding workload are your challenge, don’t fall back on stress eating, and don’t abandon your physical workouts. Instead, remember to get enough rest (at least 7 – 8 hours per night) and eat a healthy, balanced diet. And, although you might feel too tired and/or unmotivated to begin your exercises, just get started, and they’ll revitalize you. If you’re short on time, get at least a little exercise—it’s better than nothing!


Take time-outs during the day.

Remember to recharge by taking a minute or two at different times during the day to stand up, stretch, breathe deeply, clear your mind and shake off tension. Fit in some deep breathing or brief meditation. This can help refresh your creativity and focus.


Help is close by—ask for it!

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that your program is in place to help you and your family members achieve a more balanced, healthy life. It’s smart to seek practical help!


Tap into your program

Your program offers a variety of options to choose from including educational resources, coaching and counseling.

  • Coaching — Coaches, available by phone or video teleconference appointment, provide confidential, unbiased support to create an action plan to achieve your objective. They can assist with problem-solving, follow-up, accountability and also provide helpful resources and education along the way.
  • Counseling — Licensed, experienced counselors are available to meet with you by phone or in person to help you develop an appropriate strategy for moving forward when you’ve had a crisis, traumatic event or other stressful life experience.


Your program is here to help you along the journey of life. No situation is too big or too small. When you and your household members need assistance, reach out anytime and we will help get you on the right path to meet your needs.

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