Respecting Relationships

Respecting Relationships

Mutual respect is a vital element of a healthy relationship. Those who exhibit disrespectful behavior patterns toward others (like harsh or belittling language, ignoring boundaries or using controlling behavior) often struggle to maintain positive relationships. The good news is that everyone can improve upon how they treat loved ones.

  • Respect in a relationship is demonstrated by how you treat each other. Follow the Golden Rule and treat others the way you’d want to be treated.
  • Listen without distraction so you understand your loved one’s concerns, needs and desires.
  • Strive to keep cool during disagreements; take a deep breath and keep your language respectful.
  • Try to support your partner’s interests, hobbies and career. Ask questions about their activities and praise their every accomplishment.
  • Don’t be rigid in your views. Be willing to change your mind based on the other person’s input.
  • Support your loved one’s choices whenever you can.


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