Prevent workplace violence

Our experts can help you create a plan or provide immediate support resources when needed.

When a work environment is in danger, staff may feel vulnerable and uneasy. Violence prevention is key to avoiding a potential damaging situation. Call the toll-free number any time and ask to speak with a Workplace Support consultant about any signs of violence you may have noticed within your work environment. Consultants are experts in dealing with these situations. They can offer suggestions and help create a plan to deal with any threat of violence in the workplace. 

Although there is no absolute predictor of who will become violent at work, there are some behaviors that are associated with workplace violence: 

  • Use of direct or veiled threats toward self or others
  • Use of email to make threats toward self or others
  • Intimidating, bullying or other types of aggressive behavior
  • Harassment
  • Ongoing conflicts with supervisors or coworkers
  • Bringing a weapon to the workplace
  • Extreme change in behavior
  • Explosive outbursts of anger or rage 

Violence tends to escalate through a specific pattern. It’s important not to tolerate any form of violence in the workplace and to prevent it from advancing to the next level. 

Domestic violence 

An abusive relationship at home can transfer to the workplace as well. Victims may be dealing with an untrustworthy partner who follows them to work and displays stalking behavior. It is estimated that nearly one in four women are abused by someone they know. Although it is not your role to counsel staff about their personal relationships, it is your responsibility to provide a safe work environment. 

Signs of domestic violence include: 

  • Preoccupation or lack of concentration
  • Increasing or unexplained absences
  • Receiving harassing phone calls
  • Bruises or other injuries that are unexplained 

An alert and supportive manager or supervisor can make a difference. By recognizing the signs, consulting with your Magellan Workplace Support consultant, and assisting staff with getting the right help at the right time, you can help the employee and reduce any risk to the workplace. 


Workplace violence can also take the form of self-inflected violence. If staff mentions or suggests that they are thinking about self-harm, it’s important to take this seriously. There are immediate resources available for someone who is feeling this way. Seeking help through the Workplace Support program or through EAP is critical to reducing the risk of self-inflicted violence. 

No question or situation is too small for Workplace Support consultants. If you’re not sure about the situation, call your program for a quick consultation – any time, day or night.

Call (866) 327-4762 or click here to visit the Manager Support program tile for more information and resources.

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