3 Breathing Exercises to Help You Relax

Here are three breathing exercises you can do when you need to relax and feel calm.

Angioplasty for Peripheral Artery Disease: Before Your Procedure

Learn what to expect when preparing for angioplasty for peripheral artery disease. Includes an explanation of the procedure.

Asthma Action Plan

Learn how following an asthma action plan can help you take control of your asthma.

Asthma: Myths About Inhaled Steroids

Learn common myths about inhaled steroids, which are some of the best medicines for controlling asthma.

Avoiding COPD Triggers

Learn how to avoid the things that make your COPD symptoms worse.

Back Pain: Acupuncture and Massage

Learn about acupuncture and massage for back pain.

Bowel Resection

Learn what to expect during bowel resection surgery.

Bypass Surgery for Coronary Artery Disease

Learn what bypass surgery does for your heart and what will happen during surgery.

Cataract Surgery

Learn what to expect during cataract surgery and how it can improve your vision.

Colonoscopy: Overview

Learn how to prepare for your colonoscopy and what to expect during the procedure.


Learn how a colostomy is done and what to expect after surgery.

COPD: What Happens to Your Lungs

Learn how COPD affects your lungs and makes it hard to breathe.

Coronary Angioplasty: Before Your Procedure

Learn how angioplasty opens narrowed or blocked coronary arteries to improve blood flow.

Coronary Artery Disease and Depression

Learn how keeping your mood healthy can also help keep your heart healthy.

Coronary Artery Disease: 5 Ways to Help Lower Your Risk

Learn how a heart-healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk for coronary artery disease.

Counseling for Depression

Learn how working with the right counselor can help treat depression.

Dealing With Asthma Triggers

Learn how to avoid common asthma triggers to better control your symptoms.

Depression Medicine Side Effects

Learn how to deal with common side effects of depression medicines.

Depression Medicine: Deciding to Quit

Learn why it's important to work with your doctor when stopping depression medicines.

Depression: Using Your Inner Strengths

Learn how to use your inner strengths to get through tough times and overcome challenges.

Diabetes and Wound Care

Learn the signs of infection with diabetes so that small skin problems don't become serious.

Diabetes: Testing Your Blood Sugar

Learn the best way to test blood sugar. Knowing your blood sugar levels helps you manage your diabetes.

Fitness: Increasing Your Core Stability

Learn how to keep your core strong and prevent injury with two simple exercises.

Getting Up Safely After a Fall

Learn how to safely get up after a fall and what to do if you need to call for help.

High Blood Pressure: The DASH Diet

Learn how the DASH eating plan can help lower your blood pressure.

Hip Replacement: Before Your Surgery

Learn what to expect during hip replacement surgery and how to prepare.

How to Give an Epinephrine Shot to a Child

Learn how to give a child an epinephrine shot to treat a severe allergic reaction.

How to Give Yourself an Epinephrine Shot

Learn how to give yourself an epinephrine shot for a severe allergic reaction.

How to Put On Compression Stockings

Learn some tips that will help you put on your compression stockings.

How to Use an Incentive Spirometer

Learn how to use an incentive spirometer to improve the health of your lungs.

Imaging Tests for Low Back Pain

Learn why X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs may not find the cause of your low back pain.

Insulin: How to Prepare a Mixed Dose

Learn how to prepare and give yourself a mixed dose of insulin.

Insulin: How to Prepare a Single Dose

Learn how to prepare and easily give yourself a single dose of insulin.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Learn what to expect during knee replacement surgery and how it can ease the pain of arthritis.

Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Learn how to be an active partner in your care so you can get the most from your next doctor visit.

Measuring the Intensity of Your Activity

Learn how to measure the intensity of an activity so you can achieve your goals for a healthier life.

Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Learn how medicine can help lower your blood pressure.

Medicines for Depression

Learn how depression medicines can help and why it may take time to find the right medicine for you.

Preventing Falls in Older Adults

Learn how to prevent falls by taking care of yourself, preparing your home, and following a few safety tips.

Stories From People Controlling Their Asthma

Hear how others with asthma have learned to control their symptoms.

Stories From People Recovering From Depression

You can make it through your depression. Hear from people who have recovered from depression.

Stories From People With New Depression

You are not alone in feeling down. Hear from others who have depression.

Stories From People With Recurring Depression

Hear from others who have repeated bouts of depression.

The Pain-Mood Connection

Learn how negative and positive thoughts affect the way you experience pain.

Tubes for Ear Infections

Learn how temporary ear tubes help treat ear infections.

Using a Cane

Learn how to use your cane correctly so you can stay stable and safe.

Using an Inhaler and Spacer

Learn how to use a spacer with your inhaler.

Using Crutches

Learn how using crutches the right way will help you stay stable and safe while you heal.

Vertigo: Head Movements That Help

Learn simple head movements to help with vertigo and balance problems.

Vertigo: The Epley Maneuver

Learn how the Epley maneuver can help you get rid of your vertigo.