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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a trusted resource that has improved and saved the lives of many State of California employees. Since 1974, the State of California has provided EAP to support employees and their family members during difficult times, as well as consultation for day-to-day concerns.

EAP is free, confidential, and available 24/7/365. It provides a full range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Short-Term Counseling
  • Work-Life Services
  • Financial Coaching
  • Legal Assistance
  • Identity Theft Resolution
  • Health and Well-being Services

DEAPCs play a critical role in promoting EAP services. Follow department’s policies and procedures when distributing EAP information and materials. Below are helpful resources to communicate about EAP.

EAP Core Service Flyers

Monthly Updates and Materials
For materials prior to July 2021, please see the related article below.

Tip Sheets

Life Events Flyers

May Mental Health Month Materials 2022 - Flyer  |  Digital Sign  | Mental Health Resources  |  Health Poster  | Coloring Cards  |  Tip Sheet

March 21-27, 2022 is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week  - Flyer | Resource List

Holiday Wellness Campaign 2021

October 2021 Depression Awareness Month
Treatment Options Tip Sheet | How To Help Tip Sheet | More Than Just A Rough Patch Tip Sheet

September 2021 Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Digital Sign | Tip Sheet | Poster | Resource List | Flyer

July 2021 BIPOC Mental Health Month Material
Flyer | Resource List for BIPOC and LGBTQ Communities

May 2021 Mental Health Awareness Month Material
Poster | Taking Time Flyer | Dealing with Anger Flyer | Adapting Flyer | Digital Sign

Support for Wildfires 2021

2021 LGBTQ+ Communities and Mental Health
LGBTQ+ Communities and Mental Health | Resource List 


Bi-Annual Materials
January 2022
Banish Burnout | Tips to Cope with Change | Live With Purpose

Online Resources and Information



Virtual Backgrounds: 


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State of California employees, and their eligible dependents have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program is provided as part of the state’s commitment to promoting employee health and well-being. It is offered at no charge to the employee and provides a valuable resource for support and information during difficult times, as well as consultation on day-to-day concerns.

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